Automatic Content Linking

The Automatic Content Linking Device (ACLD) is a just-in-time or query-free multimedia retrieval system for potentially relevant documents that monitors and supports the conversation among a small group of people within a meeting. The ACLD retrieves from a repository, at regular intervals, information that might be relevant to the group’s activity, and presents it through a graphical user interface (GUI). The repository contains multimedia documents from past meetings such as slides or reports along with processed meeting recordings but may also be enhanced individually by adding private user documents. In parallel, Web searches are run as well.

The ACLD approach is to have the room “listen” to the meeting participants and search quietly in the background for the most relevant documents and meeting segments from the individual multimedia repository and from the Web, and have them ready for whenever someone in the meeting feels the need to consult them. Participants thus only need to decide if they want to explore any further, and possibly introduce in the current discussion, the meeting fragments or documents retrieved automatically for them – in the case of past meetings by using a meeting browser.

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