The External LinkAMI (Augmented Multi-party Interaction) project was an EU-funded project, concerned with the development of multimodal technologies to support human interaction before, during and after business meetings. Meeting rooms at IDIAP (Martigny, Switzerland), TNO and the University of Edinburgh were equipped with an extensive setup of microphone arrays, camera's and further capturing devices. In these meeting rooms the interactions between people during meetings were recorded and stored in the publicly available External LinkAMI Meeting Corpus. The development of tools for the multimodal annotation of the recorded meetings (e.g., speech transcription, emotion, gestures, dialogue acts, etc.), as well as the subsequent usage of this data as a basis for a variety of research directions were the key objectives of the project. After three years, the AMI project officially ended in the fall of 2006. A subsequent project - AMIDA (AMI with distant access) - focusing on the applications and challenges of AMI technologies when meeting participants are remote (at a distance) has then been inaugurated.

DFKI's activities in AMI & AMIDA

The main part of our research in the project was concerned with the objectives of work package 5: "Multimodal Structure and Content Analysis", where we explored methods to make human annotations of the multimodal data easier. Based on these annotations, we developed tools to automatically add structural information to the raw audio and video data. Furthermore, we focussed on the automatic generation of extractive and abstractive meeting summaries and their visualization.

List of Partners involved in the projects

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